Tuesday, 12 March 2013

If I had to start all over...

Am I the only one who daydreams about stuff like this? What I'd do if I had to start my wardrobe all over? If all the clothes I own burned in a fire, this is how I'd start rebuilding my wardrobe:

If all my clothes burned in a fire...

In the past I've always been a very classic, traditional dresser. Lately I've been feeling the urge to shake things up a little with some weird stuff, like my green (p)leather skirt. So if I started my closet over from scratch, I'd incorporate more items that are 'basics with a flair.'

Here's the breakdown of the items I chose:


1. Chambray shirt: Duh. So so so versatile. I love that this one is frills-free and the perfect, wear-with-anything shade of denim.
2. Nude blazer: Better than a white one because (as seen on model) you can still wear this with white tops/pants without looking like a ghost, but it works with literally everything a white one works with (aka, everything).
3. Black blazer: Zillions of versions of this exist. I like this one because the angle of the zippers makes you appear slimmer, and it's a little longer on the hip than some.
4. Vneck ts: I always have a white one, grey one, and brightly colored one. They go with everything from jeans and a blazer to a pencil skirt and statement jewelry.
5. Black and white stripe shirt: literally the best addition to my wardrobe in the past year, this shirt will look chic on its own or paired with florals or polka dots for some pattern mixing. I like that this one is longer than usual--tuck it into a skirt or wear it with leggings on the weekend!
6. Tie-neck blouse: I prefer tie-neck blouses to button-ups because you can style the tie in so many ways--bow, untied, under a sweater, etc. This pink option looks pretty on so many skin tones.
7. Boho patterned top: easily dressed up or down, this top can go with lots of different colors and go over pants, tucked into a skirt, under a blazer....

8. Blue sheath dress: the perfect day-to-night dress, I could see this with either blazer for day and with heels and a shawl for a nighttime wedding.
9. Patterned sheath: the dress equivalent of the boho top, this dress can also be very versatile--it would look sharp with a collared shirt under it or with a cardigan.
10. LBD: the drop waist and square neck make this not your average LBD. I like dresses with long sleeves for some reason, and you could style it as shown here!
11. Black pencil skirt: dress it up, dress it down, and I like that this is a little more unique with the longer hem in back.
12. Green leather skirt: as shown here, this skirt is surprisingly versatile--I've already worn mine several different ways!
13. Lace skirt: I have pinned dozens of images to my Style Inspiration board that feature the perfect little lace skirt.


Notice here that the majority of the pieces are neutral. Because my bottom half is heavier than my top, I like to keep my pants neutral and focus attention on my top half with brighter colors or prints--it's like the interior design equivalent of using a grey couch and bright, fun pillows and throws.

14. Leather clutch wallet: I love anything that makes carrying my junk around easier. I'm pretty simplistic (cards, cash, ID, phone) in what I carry so this wear-with-anything, only-gets-better-with-age wallet clutch is my dream wallet.
15. Black slouchy pants: these would look equally great dressed up with a blazer and shell as they would dressed down with a vneck and beanie.
16. Dark bootcut denim: I know skinny jeans are a hot ticket, but bootcut denim looks better on virtually everyone IMO. These AG jeans are pricey but so so soft and worth it!
17. Silky cream pants: another piece that is easily dressed up or down, these can look fancy for work but are basically like wearing pajamas.
18. Black leggings. Duh. Wear them under dresses/boots or on their own with an appropriately long shirt (leggings are NOT pants!) The Gap ones shown are my very favorites.
19. Gold bangle: makes any outfit look effortlessly chic. The bracelet equivalent of diamond studs.
20. T-strap flats: so much more chic than flip-flops but equally comfy and wearable.
21. Leopard flats: take a basic outfit up a notch. Bonus points for mixing patterns.
22. Black and nude pumps: sometimes you really can't beat the basics!
23. Pink crossbody bag: this shade is surprisingly versatile, and the size is perfect for shopping and traveling.
24. Art Deco necklace: toss over a tshirt or a dress--it all looks good!
25. Brown leather booties: These only improve with age and look great with leggings, dresses, tucked over pants...
26. Leather obi belt: spice up your basics and show your lady figure!

Although some of these items wouldn't make your typical 'wardrobe basics' list, I can think of at least three different outfits to make with each of these items, which gives you so many options!

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