Sunday, 5 September 2010

DIY living room ideas

About a week ago, I posted about things that I wanted to incorporate into my new living room. Back then, we had a few basic pieces but were still looking for a lot of furniture to make the place more functional (aka, we had no storage in the kitchen and the dining room table we're borrowing from a friend is waaaaaay too big for the space).

Well, this weekend my housemate and I went thriftin and scored some amaaaaazing deals. I'm talkin one huge, 6-drawer dresser with a marble top (which we'll use in the kitchen as butcher block basically), a nice round table with drop eaves, 2 bulletin boards which we plan to cover in fabric for the living room, a crappy canvas that we're going to repaint, plus a sheet set (we're using it to cover our futon in a pretty blue instead of the overly dark purple it came in and are making throw pillows with the pillowcases/extra flat sheet) all for......drumroll please....$75! We shop, we score!

Of course, $20 dining tables don't come looking so pretty, so we'll need to put a little extra money in to buy sandpaper, primer, and paint to dress it up a little. While we're at that, we decided to tackle a couple other DIY's our inspiration:

This room, while it will look absolutely nothing like our living room, has a lot of ideas we will incorporate, namely: fancy mirror, big colorful rug, pattern in the big fabric pieces (although I'm assuming in the photo it's wallpaper) plus a hot chandelier, comfy couch with lots of colorful pillows and a throw blanket.

We're planning on getting one of those mirrors you always see at thrift stores with the gold gilt edge and painting it a bright color, like so:

Then we plan to write a quote or lyrics on the mirror itself, either with permanent marker, stickers, or by using this awesome spray paint I just got that makes glass look etched. See inspiration photo below:

Then, we have the stereotypical Lack coffee table from IKEA (not my first choice, obviously, but hey it was free when our old roomate moved out), which I plan to hack by painting a design on top, possibly something like shown below:

(PS sorry for using this image a million times and never sourcing it....I just love it so much!)
Then, since we don't have enough projects on our hands, we're going to paint the new dresser as I's marble on top so we won't be painting that but I think we'll end up painting the drawer fronts and maybe doing something like they did here around the handles to dress it up a bit:

Then our last three projects in the works are pretty simple: we have a long skinny slice of wall betwen two doors, which I think would be perfect to make an organized wall collage of pictures like the one on the bottom left-most part of this shot:

And in an attempt to bring more color to the otherwise white and black room, we are going to make some of these paper poofs (really easy to make: styrofoam ball, cut tissue paper, hotglue to ball):

We also have an old chandelier that my roomate found in a dumpster which we plan to paint, but haven't decided on a color. Considering our color scheme thus far is white walls, black coffee table/loveseat, futon covered in aqua fitted sheet, and a few random green, yellow, and orange accents, I think that it would look awesome with a deep peacock blue/teal, which I also want to use to paint accents on our soon-to-be white dining table. What do you think? Go bold, or go safe, like with a nice basic black or glossy laquered white?
I can't wait to get started!

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  1. Oh my! We have the same taste. Everthu
    Ing down to the pom- poms. Don't go safe- do it up !! One of my bathrooms is bright tangerine. Everything in it is tangerine/so now people are buying me owls, vases, boxes, shoes---everything tangerine and it's all being displayed in the tangerine bathroom as my kis call it. It's so fun.