Thursday, 11 June 2009

Summer summer summer....

Today feels like the first truly summery day yet. Big, fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky, light summer breeze, sprinklers going all over town, people walking's pretty much the ideal of small-town Midwest living, the kind Hollywood portrays with aw-shucks hicks saying "You betcha." And I love every minute of it. In the spirit of my mood, here's two beautiful setting that I would love to have to enjoy the summery sunset and warm nights.

All you need is a nice cold lemonade, a tennis ball to throw for your dog, and a nice cheesy romance novel to while away the afternoon. Maybe a crumpet, you know, to go with the teaset.

Can't get over how much I love this. The beautiful view, the gorgeous flooring, the nice open deck and most importantly, the built-in fire. I can imagine the countless hours I would spend sitting by the fire.....I want this. So much.
Anyway, hope you all are enjoying the weather as well. I'm off to grill out with friends.....gosh what a great thing to say.

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  1. wish i could be there