Thursday, 13 November 2014

Fall 2014 Skincare and Makeup Routine

It's been a while since I've shared my skincare and makeup routine--almost a year, in fact, and I've found a few new products to love in the meantime. Here goes:

Fall 2014 Skincare and Makeup


  • Crude Everything Oil: This is by far my favorite new product discovery. This 'everything oil' really does work for everything: cleansing, moisturizing, eye makeup remover, etc. I just use it just as an oil cleanser, and it works awesome for my dry-yet-prone-to-breakouts skin. I massage it in all over my face, get the accompanying microfiber cloth wet with warm water, and rub it off in circular motions. During the summer/fall, my skin was so much more clear and less dry, even without adding any moisturizer after cleansing. Added bonus: the oil is only $16/4 oz and lasted me 3 solid months. I'd recommend buying the cloths, too, at $16 for a 3 pack. 
  • Acure Facial Scrub: I rediscovered my love for this scrub over the summer. Using it every third day or so, I found that it helped keep my skin fresh and clear. It goes on very gritty and washes off a bit milky. It's too rough for winter use, but when my skin isn't as dry, it's great!
  • Avalon Organics Lavender Shampoo:  I picked this up randomly when I ran out of shampoo and fell in love with it. My hair is much more clean and bouncy!
  • Acure Lemongrass Conditioner:  I've used this conditioner on and off, but I'm not necessarily in love with it. It's pretty cheap and smells good, but I think I can find something better.
  • Silk Naturals Prowl eyeshadow/liner: This eyeshadow is a deep burgundy red, which isn't anything I'd usually spring for, but using it as an eyeliner really makes the green in my eyes pop. It's long-lasting and if you smudge it out it makes a really pretty smokey eye. And it's only $4.50 for a big ol' container!
  • W3ll People Universalist 8: This creamy peony cream blush/lip product is my favorite cheek product at the moment--it gives a really gorgeous, natural blush to my cheeks. I don't like it much on my lips--it tends to look a little dry--but two big thumbs up as a cheek product!
  • W3ll People Narcissist 2: Another winner for W3ll People, this stick concealer/foundation and foundation brush set gives the perfect level of coverage for me--conceals blemishes but still lets my skin breathe and feel natural, not cakey. When my skin is a bit dry this does get a bit flaky, but otherwise I love it!
  • Mascara: Still haven't found a natural mascara I like at a price point I'm comfortable with. Any suggestions?

So if you're on the lookout for a new oil cleanser, give the Crude oil a whirl--it's awesome, and home-grown here in SLC :)

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