Monday, 10 November 2014

Winter Wedding Outfit Ideas and Gold Pants 4 ways!

So I briefly mentioned here that I'll be attending my cousin's wedding in December. I can't recall every having attended a winter wedding, so I've been a bit stumped as to what to wear. Here are a few ideas I pulled together:

Winter Wedding Outfits

I'm really tempted by these gold sequin pants, but at first I worried they'd be a sort of 'one hit wonder' and that I couldn't get much use out of them. So I started brainstorming outfits to wear with them....and came up with this:

Quick Design: Gold Sequin Pants

As you can see, I think that in the right environment they could actually be used in a variety of ways! The trick to the gold sequin pants, I think, is to get ones that are more on the burnished-gold side of things, not bright/brassy gold. This way, they aaaaaalllllllllmost serve as a neutral base, like tan pants (almost. I'm not crazy. These are still statement pants for sure ;)

For the outfits above, I tried to picture various scenarios that I need outfits for in my life. Top to bottom, here's what I was thinking: 1) Running errands 2) summer wedding or bachelorette party 3) work outfit (in the right work environment, obviously ;) 4) hanging out with friends

What do you think? Which of the outfits above would you wear to a winter wedding? Would you rock gold sequin pants outside of a party?

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