Friday, 31 October 2014

Year-long closet shopping list: October 2014

It's purchase year-long budget recap time again! As a quick refresher, this year I outlined my clothing budget to add closet basics to my wardrobe each month, putting together a list of items I need to help fill in the holes in my closet and assigning each item to a particular month of the year. I've capped each month's budget at $200 total. Here's what my calendar looks like:

Year-long Closet Budget

Here's what I added this month:

October 2014

October Purchases:

14th and Union cardigan (sold out, different pattern than pictured):
Price: $38 (originally $60)
Notes: I was on the hunt for a cozy wrap sweater, and Nordstrom Rack came through for me. I've been wearing it basically nonstop since I got it..$38 well spent ;)

Price: $20 (originally $58)
Notes: I was needing a flowy top and found this bright pink beauty!

Price: $69
Notes: I needed a skirt for an interview recently (more on that soon!) and this fit the bill. I love the leather waistband and the skirt is just stretchy enough to be super comfortable but not overly clingy.

October Budget Total:
$127 for $187 worth of items (32% savings)
Over/under for October budget: -$73
Over/under for budget since March: -942
Total spent since March: $678


  1. This is a great idea for next year!

  2. It's definitely worked well for me! Next year I may adopt the same idea but for home stuff (ex: January: new sofa. February: living room curtains, etc). Thanks for reading, Christina!

  3. Nice collection of women's clothing....