Sunday, 1 June 2014

Year-long Clothing Budget Update: May Purchases and a Weekly Wishlist!

May completely flew by for me--I can't believe it's already time for another closet budget update!

As a quick refresher, this year I outlined my clothing budget to add closet basics to my wardrobe each month, putting together a list of items I need to help fill in the holes in my closet and assigning each item to a particular month of the year. I've capped each month's budget at $200 total. Here's what my calendar looks like:

Year-long Closet Budget

As you can see, May called for black booties and a pair of sneakers. Unfortunately for this post, but fortunately for my budget, I made no purchases this month. I had a big month of travel (a trip to Philadelphia and another to Minnesota), plus I purchases a $700 plane ticket to be in a friend's wedding in July and paid off my hip surgery from March, so my 'clothing budget' became my 'travel/medical expense budget' (and then some :-/ ) this month.

The only purchase I made were these fun silky mint shorts from H&M, which I brought on vacation with me. Therefore, May's planned purchases will be rolled over into other months this year.

May Budget Total: 
$0 for 0 items
Over/under on May $200 budget: -$200
Over/under for the year since March: -$421.96 (under budget by two items, though)

Although I'm going to try hard to stick to my updated schedule, I also don't plan to purchase items just for the sake of a blog post. I'd much rather be realistic and honest about what I can afford, and right now between all this travel and my surgery expenses, I need to take care of myself and cut down on non-essentials!

Here's the updated calendar:

Year-long Closet Budget

But, so as to not make this a completely boring post, here's this week's wishlist! My style tends to be an even mix of neutral-loving minimalism and color-loving bohemian. Here's an example of how that plays out in my weekly wishings! 

Weekly Wishlist: B&W/Boho

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