Monday, 27 October 2014

Two-word style synopsis!

Heeeeeeyyyyy ladies and gents, long time no talk! I'm back in action after a month-long absence to share very important news: I've learned how to describe my interior design style in 2 words. 

Minimal. Bohemian.


Life-shattering, I know. As defined by Sycamore Street as "playful, not too matchy-matchy, and [with] some grown up elements mixed in;" Domaine Home describes the look as California eclectic, which is is "casual, laid-back, and mostly carefree...surprisingly sophisticated and always inviting." Bingo! Exactly how I envision my next home feeling. 

Since I'm planning on moving in the near future, I've been pulling together all sorts of secret 'new house inspiration' pin boards, and the Minimal Bohemian theme has come through strongly in my pins. Here are a few of my favorite examples: 

pin (original unknown)

EDIT 10/28/14: I might as well just add every. single. pic from this home by Amber Interior Design. Click through, it's goooooood.

So how does one achieve Minimal Bohemianism?
  • clean lines
  • white walls
  • lighter woods
  • mainly neutral tones or colors inspired by nature (greens, blues, shell pinks)
  • mixed ethnic textiles
  • lots of textures
  • nothing is too precious
  • everything has a home; limit clutter
Can you summarize your style in two words?

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