Saturday, 9 June 2012

Obsess/Posess: Kerrisdale Design

I've decided to start a new column on my blog entitled "Obsess/Possess" in which I present an image I've been drooling over and a budget-friendly way to achieve the same look.

First up: This beautiful bedroom by the geniuses at Kerrisdale Design. I've long loved it for the perfect mix of masculine/feminine, plus the soft hues (grey stripes instead of the typical black, for example).

Here's how I would achieve the same idea, on a budget:
1. West Elm sheets and duvet (both are on sale right now even!)

2. This Tonic Living pillow (look familiar? It's cuz I've posted about it a million times...because I love it)

 3. This task lamp from Home Depot (no, it's not a perfect match, but it is budget-friendly and decent on the eyes):

Or for a more perfect (but twice as expensive) alternative: This work lamp from IKEA:

4. This jute rug from West Elm in Flax.

I also like this chevron-esque one for a little more pattern.

5. These simple curtains from IKEA.  I like the tie-backs on these, and while they aren't pinch-pleat I think they still look clean and simple.

6. Round mirror--I would just go to and search "round mirror" "porthouse mirror" or "convex mirror."  I found tons of options!

Now comes my favorite part of any good budget design: the DIY projects.
1. Bedside tables: I'd hack the good ol' Rast (basing it off this genius hack--I love that she added a toe kick and trim to the drawer faces to dress it up a little).  

For those less inclined to get their painting on, the Hemnes would work too (for about double the cost, once you take into account paint and supplies for the Rast).
2. Headboard: Use this fabric ($7.50/yd!) and this tutorial. Use tack strips, not individual nailheads.

3. Artwork: scour for your favorite botanical images, print at Kinko's, and pop into cheapo black Michael's frames. Voila!
My four favorites are the Passion Flower (perfect for a bedroom, no? ;) Orchid, Wild Pansies, and la flor des environs de Paris

(Note: I'm omitting the bench, mostly because I feel like they are an affectation---like, really, you couldn't just sit on the edge of the bed?!  I agree they make a room look more 'finished' sometimes but they just bug me personally...and I think they are a prime example of over-propping.)

So what do you think? Budget-friendly and still a great approximation, or budget-friendly that looks budget-friendly (aka cheap)?

Next up?  Crystal Gentilello's beautiful bedroom as published in Rue magazine!

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