Monday, 11 June 2012

I've got a gripe about Lonny

Ok.  Usually I love Lonny and have drawn tonnnns of inspiration from it in the past.  However, this month's (June-July) issue was a drastic divergence from what I've come to know and love.  Is it just me, or was Lonny overly, pretentiously....douchey this month?!

I felt that the copy was snobby and forced, and the bazillion-page spread on the Dransfield/Ross house was A) overly long and B) not really that great.  In fact, several of the images I found downright ugly.  Let's take a look:

The biggest offender: This bathroom. Hunter green, plaid, and dated's like the early nineties came back in full force.  For how much money these people obviously have (albino peacock?! SERIOUSLY?!), I think this just shows that money can't buy good taste.

Copy gripe: This caption goes on and on about the fabulous 'glass-bead chandelier' that 'illuminates the space while providing its focal point.'  If it's so GD fantastic why don't you edit the photo so your viewers can gaze upon its splendor?!

Loved the 'favorite summer pastimes.'  They managed to be 'accessible' (tubing down the Delaware) while simultaneously proclaiming "I'm fantastically, atrociously, offensively rich, bitches!" (helicopter hop-scotching.  Seriously.)

 Another copy gripe: No, you did not magically happen upon Julia Leach in a 'moment of repose.' That shot was extremely calculated and she looks not reposed but constipated, probably from how forced the shot is.  However, I did like her place the best so it's not her fault the copy editors did a bad job. Beautiful chairs, Julia.

This also cracked me up....the 'texture'-added element of this room, white-washing the shades, is my least favorite thing about the room. And neutrals/seagrass in a summer seaside home? You don't say. This isn't terribly executed, nor is it groundbreaking.  I do however love the skull trash basket, simply because it makes the room less stiff/overly calculated to me. 

Lest I leave you thinking I'm a Debbie Downer today, I want to leave you with this beauty from the Dransfield/Ross home:
I find this lovely. The charcoal grey is beautiful, love the black/white staircase, don't love the beige runner but hey can't win them all, and I really like the arched doorway.

I guess my point in this whole gripe is that Lonny was created by former Domino editor Michelle Adams.  What I loved about Domino (RIP) was its accessibility and invariably good taste; what I hated about this issue of Lonny is that it came across extremely pretentious and of very questionable taste.  Please Michelle, come back to your roots (or bring back Domino! Can I get an Amen?!)

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