Sunday, 10 June 2012

Moodboard: Bf's Bathroom

My boyfriend recently had the good/bad luck of having his basement (including two of the four bedrooms) flood as a result of a backed-up pipe (no sewage water, luckily!). Bad because, well, it flooded, but good because home insurance is covering the damage! Meaning I get to play around with lots of ideas for the basement.  We've already painted the main room and fireplace (photos to come soon!), but today I was perusing the work of one of my absolute favorite artists, Clare Elsaesser.

I first became obsessed with her when I bought one of her prints as a first anniversary gift for my boyfriend:

Isn't it sweet??

As I clicked through her available selection, I noticed these three beauties:

And I thought to myself, "These would be perfect in my bf's small bathroom! I should make a moodboard to show him!" (because, of course, he loves lovingly tolerates that shit). So I did.  See?

All sources can be found here. Stars of this budget moodboard include the three prints (of course) but also the $40 IKEA shelving unit, $14 (!!?!) pendant lights (only I'd paint them dark grey, I think), and the West Elm striped towels ($10). I also looooove the variation of the penny tile, and I'd use white subway tile halfway up the wall, with Valspar's "Courtyard" at half strength on the top half of the walls. Then you know I'd get my stylin' on on top of the toilet, as shown, plus lots of little baskets and pottery to hide our ugly bathroom necessities.

Now, I know right away I won't be able to sell my bf on this plan, because a) he already told me he doesn't like penny tile (blasphemy!) or subway tile (gasp!) as it reminds him of crappy college bathrooms (ok, I guess I get his point....but has he SEEN this penny tile?!?!). However, I'm really hoping he'll go for the paintings, as I love this trio together and if he doesn't I may cry break up with him beg one of my readers to do this and send me pictures so I can live vicariously through him/her.

So what about you, lovelies? Any tips on how to make your significant other make the right choice and carry out the beautiful things you dream up in your heads even if it IS his house and he generally has really good style for how he upgrades things??

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