Friday, 8 June 2012

My Home Tour

As my time in my sweet little studio comes to a close, I realize I haven't posted any pictures of it in a long time.  These are photos I took when I applied for (and didn't get accepted by) Apartment Therapy's Small Cool contest (probably largely due to my shitty camera....ugh). Anyway, since AT didn't want to share them, I will!

Come on in!  From the front door you can see pretty much my entire living space--it's tiny!

Front and center I have my favorite consignment find of all time, the Moroccan-y folding table base/tray top that I refinished. Also pictured is one of the blue chairs I scored on Clist ($75 for the pair!), a rug I bought in Chile, the other side table which I also refinished in college, and the headboard my mom and I made right before I moved to Utah. That window is the only one in the living area but it shed great light!

Here's a (even more) terrible photo but it shows the pretty details of the base a little better :) Here you can see the beautiful embroidered flower pillow, a memento from my time in Chile, and a painting I made of Chile (blue, top right). 

In this shot, I stood literally inside my closet behind my bed (see above photo). I think it gives you a pretty good perspective of my home. Front door to the right with the other blue chair, bathroom through the visible door on the left.  Kitchen sink is to the left of the bathroom door, you can hardly see it.

Here's the front door from the first shot. Do you get a feel for the layout?  245 square feet, but it treated me really well and I rarely felt cramped :)

My vintage-y bathroom with the black/white Draper-inspired dresser, which I also refinished myself. Sink to the left of this shot, shower behind the wall on the left (to the left of the dresser--shower entrance is 90 degrees to the dresser).

And finally my little gallery wall area!  Full to the brim with photos of family/friends and mementos from my boyfriend. He made the colorful map on the lower left side for our 1 year anniversary! So sweet. Also pictured are the bench and chairs I refinished and my pretty desk from a consignment shop here in SLC--it was a housewarming gift from my parents :)

And that's pretty much it! It was tiny, but it was home.  All my favorite pieces will be transitioning into my boyfriend's uber-manly home, so it will be interesting to see how they transform.  First up, repainting my lavender desk--the bf is pretty lenient style-wise but drew the line at French lines PLUS lavender/purple paint with lucite knobs! :)

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