Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Moving on up: musing on a new home

As I mentioned previously, I'm counting down the days until I move out of my current home and into a new abode with my boyfriend and puppy dog. Although I have zero clue what sort of place we will land in (apartment? condo? single-family home? duplex?), it hasn't stopped me from thinking about how I'll shake up our existing decor by mixing and matching and supplementing with a few new pieces.

Here's a quick mockup of what we're working with currently:


Notes on the existing decor (clockwise from top left):
  • Upstairs living room: this room is comfortable but a bit heavy-feeling. The bright pillows my mom made help things a bit, but they're almost tooooo colorful in contrast to the rest of the vibe our of place. The white-striped rug has seen better days thanks to our black puppy's constant shedding, and we've never really had a nice coffee table or TV stand. 
  • Downstairs living room: this room has some nice pieces but is mostly a mish-mash of leftovers from the rest of the house. I'd like to combine pieces from each of the living rooms and swap in and out some of the textiles.
  • Bathroom: I also still love the Claire Elsaesser prints I bought for our bathroom and the Girl and Parrot legs print I added to the mix, so I'll likely keep things pretty similar and just update with accessories.
  • Bedroom: clearly we haven't given this room much thought or care. We need a dark-ish duvet cover because of our dog, but the current grey situation is getting me down.
Our next place will hopefully be a two-bedroom, 1-2 bathroom home with only 1 living room. Here are some ideas I've been throwing around that combine our existing pieces with a few new items to create a whole new look in the living room:

Living Room Updates

New Living Room Ideas:
  • New stuff needed: 3 throw pillows, coffee table, tv console, rug. Potentially new sectional.
  • Color palette: wood, neutral, gold, green, and grey...predominantly neutral with hits of green.
  • I like the clean lines of the coffee table and TV console here, but we also love propping our feet up on our current (ugly) ottoman. Maybe we should sell our sofas and replace them with a small sectional?
  • Bringing the white end tables and lamps from our current bedroom, as well as the map currently hanging over our bed, fits with the new color scheme and opens up the possibilities for a new bedroom design :)
  • Instead of our ill-suited rug situation, I think I'd like a rug made of patterned cowhide. I've heard that they stand up well to wear and tear, are virtually stain-proof, and since they're made of hair already you won't notice our dog's hair!
I'm a person who's equally split between wanting lots of beautiful color in her life and craving calming, neutral spaces. To counter the neutrality of the living room, I'd like to create a colorful guest bedroom using the beautiful pillows my mom made for our current living room:

Guest bedroom

New guest bedroom ideas:
  • New stuff needed: nothing! This whole room pulls pieces from our existing guest room, bedroom, upstairs and downstairs living rooms, and bathroom. 
  • My boyfriend and I work slightly different hours; I often have to get up about an hour or two before he does. So I'd love to turn our second/guest bedroom into a dressing room of sorts, with our clothes, jewelry, makeup, etc all in one place.

Essentially our entire bedroom would be dismantled and spread throughout the rest of the house (dresser, side tables, art, lamps...), leaving us open to create a new bedroom haven all to ourselves. Plans are still ruminating for that space (and will inevitably change 15 times before we even move ;) so stay tuned!

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