Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Resolutions: 2014 edition

Happy new year everyone! Last night I participated in the most mellow NYE celebration in memory--just my man, my dog, and a couple of friends. It was wonderful!

The other day I had fun reflecting on my 2013 resolutions, so I thought I would share this year's goals! Like last year, I'll include actionable goals to make these resolutions more realistic and attainable!

1. As a person: have more 'me' time!
    • At the end of 2013 I started to realize that I no longer do many of the activities I used to love, such as painting, refinishing furniture, and photography. I'd like to spend more time this year doing the things I love
    • Actionable goal: For Christmas I asked for and received a photography class from ShootFlyShoot. Not only will I learn how to better use my DSLR, but I can do the class online with my boyfriend! (see Resolution #2). 
2. As a couple: spend less time on the Internet

  • The bf and I are completely guilty of vegging out next to each other but on our laptops, in our own little web-based worlds. As much as I love relaxing and reading my favorite blogs, I love my boyfriend more and want to spend more quality time with him
  • Actionable goal: no Internet in the bedroom. 

3. As a friend: make new friends!

  • I've lived in SLC for over three years now and have always found it hard to make good friends here. I'm realizing that maybe I just need to put myself out there more and step outside my comfort zone.
  • Actionable goal: Try out events through SheJumps and Meetup. SheJumps is a cool organization whose goal is to get women active in outdoors activities. They have a Clubhouse  you can sign up for which is essentially but for girls trying to meet others with similar interests (you make a profile, post an activity you'd like to do like 'anyone want to go for a hike on Saturday?' and others can connect with you). is a nationwide site where you can join groups with similar interests--I'm in a Spanish language group, a women's hiking group, etc. 
4. As an athlete: increase my core and upper body strength
  • I've been doing physical therapy for hip problems recently and have come to the conclusion that many of my athletic aches and pains could be avoided if I had a stronger core and upper body.
  • Actionable goal: To that end, my boyfriend and I plan to do this 100-pushup workout plan. It starts you at however many pushups you're able to do currently (I'm at about 15) and works up over a 6-week period to 100 pushups. There are also plans for situps, pullups, squats, dips, etc. 
What are your goals for 2014?

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