Saturday, 25 January 2014

Living Room Options for Val

My friend Val just moved to Austin (tear...) and is setting up a new home. She's bought a dark grey couch (pictured below) and would like a tan rug, but doesn't know what the rest of the room will look like.

I pulled together a few options for her, and the first one is neutral and relies heavily on texture to keep things interesting:

Completely Neutral for Val

Can you believe that the two lamps and the table to the left are from Target?

The second option swings to the opposite end of the color spectrum--very colorful, with pretty pinks and blues are tempered by wood and steel.

Gallery Wall for Val

I like the gallery wall here--some of the artwork leans on a floating shelf, while other is nailed to the wall:

Gallery wall closeup

I want all the artwork!

Then, to play 'Goldilocks,' I made a board with mostly neutral  pieces accented with pretty blues:

Blue with Nature Accents for Val

I like elements of all three! The textures from the first, the gallery wall from the second, and the soothing tones of the third.

What are your favorite elements?

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