Wednesday, 30 October 2013

All-Time Favorite Interiors

I've been in a bit of a decorating slump lately.  Sometimes I feel like the more exposure we have to design, via Pinterest, blogs, magazines, and more, the more our own personal style gets diluted, because we start mimicking what we see online rather than establishing our own personal 'voice' or design point of view. 

To that end, I decided to peruse my Pinterest boards for the images that I love the most and that most represent a home in which I would like to live. Here goes: 


via (I think it's originally from Lonny or Domino? shot by Melanie Acevedo)

via (shot by Teri Lyn Fisher)

original source unknown, anyone?

Kitchen/Dining Room/Pantry:

(original source unknown, anyone?)

Living Room: 




(original source unknown, anyone?)

Pulling all these images together really helped me reinforce my true personal style. For example, I love a lot of color in other people's homes, but this little exercise has shown me that maybe I don't want to live with it myself. I also like modern and funky homes when I see them in magazines, but for me I like a more rustic, industrial, masculine space with feminine touches. Pattern mixing features largely in many of these images, as does high contrast (charcoal juxtaposed against light cream, for example). I also noticed that vary rarely do I like the purest versions of color--meaning, I rarely pick out pure black or straight white tones, but rather prefer a dustier dark grey or off-white. 

Solidifying my viewpoint will make it much easier to pull together my own home, I think. Check back soon for some inspiration on how to pull all of these images into one cohesive look!

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