Friday, 20 July 2012

Exciting news! Exciting purchases! Why I'm poor!

Hello friends, How are you this lovely Friday? I left work early to work from home and am playing hooky posting right now, shhhhhhh :) Thanks to those of you that offered opinions on my narcissistic post regarding my haircut...I did end up chopping it and am still figuring out how to style it, I'll maybe post a pic soon :)

The big news of this week is my first big-girl purchase:

The Chloe sofa by Macys, which I've been eyeing up for over a year, has always alluded me because I can't force myself/could never afford the $800 price tag. Lucky for me, this little lady showed up on Salt Lake's local classifieds!

So now I'm the proud owner of this beaut:

Only $300 and she's practically new! So excited :)

One surprise I had was that the 'granite' color shown online is much more brown than it appears on the site. I brought the cushion home to compare it to the current nasty brown futon action currently holding fort where my prettiness will go...

But I still like it! I've been madly planning the rest of the room design because, oh yeah, did I tell my other exciting news? I'm moving in with the love o' my life!

The not-so-exciting-yet-terribly-exciting news?

THIS: what I'm dealing with. The bf's home just so happened to recently suffer flood damage from a backed-up graywater we're taking advantage of his home insurance to upgrade the lower level of the house (doing lots of DIY projects to stretch out the insurance money, and I get to play decorator! :)

The above image was actually taken months ago...we've come a LONG way since then, so my apologies for not posting updates! The good news is that you'll get more instant gratification via before/during/after shots this way, rather than the tortuously slow process I've been enduring lately :)

Oh and here's what the bedroom situation used to look like....

It's still a major work in progress, but I can't wait to show you what it looks like now!

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