Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Urban Outfitters Pin to Win contest moodboard

So Urban Outfitters is doing a fun Pinterest challenge right now where you pin your favorite home items from UO to a board and they pick a winner! I was browsing their inventory and was surprised to find so many items I liked.  Unlike a lot of stores, it seemed that you could put together a room or home entirely from UO and it wouldn't look like it all came from the same big-box store.  So I decided to make a couple moodboards!

My inspiration for this home came from these fun anatomical posters.  Being that my real life takes place in a hospital (I'm a genetic counselor), I was inspired to create a Lady Scientist Lair.

I love how it looks like the skeletons are checking each other and the 'carpe fucking diem' poster, look at me and my bad self, oh and all my guts and flowers and birds and muscles. Dyyyyaaaaamn.

I love the horoscope hand for taking off your jewelry at night.  The headboard is soooo prettty!

Lady Scientist enjoys collecting science-inspired memorabilia for her home (us science types always bring our work home with us, it's an illness). So here we've got this fun test tube vase set and a movie projection screen that gets put away when not in use to reveal this fun pull-down world map!

Other items that could've made it into these boards if I had the talent/time to do so:

This pendant is $64 worth of fabulousness, and I want it.

Lady Scientist ain't afraid to mix her metals, so she'd Represent with her initial (or mine, in this case...)

I've been eyeballing this adorable director's table for literally years with no good place to put it. One day it (or the cheaper versions at Target or  Bed Bath and Beyond) will be mine!

Did you know that Urban has a vintage section? That's where I found this Vintage Time Card Rack, which Lady Scientist would use to display the postcards she's picked up on each trip she takes (I'm stealing this idea....)

(Ok I'm tired of linking stuff up.  Sources can all be found at my Urban Outfitters Pinterest board)

I want this terrarium bad....

 But not as bad as I want THIS guy!
He's a Hippo. Holding Toothpaste. I find him hilarious and may or may not be purchasing him in the very near future.

How about you guys? Spotted any great finds at Urban Outfitters recently?

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