Thursday, 17 June 2010

Design Chameleon: the Zebra Rug

Being a design junkie as I am, I've spent a lot of time pouring over many many design blogs. I love getting inspired by what other people have created. One design element that keeps popping up is the zebra rug. I was surprised to see how versatile this rug is, as shown below...

The Cottage Zebra: this one looks at home in a comfy modern cottage-style living room

The Nature Zebra: Here we have an example that's nearly upstaged by the gorgeous view outside....the view itself is almost like a giant work of art!

The Vintage Zebra: this dining room has a great vintagey vibe due to the quirky artwork.

The Modern Zebra: yellow, black and white look so great next to each other.

The Pop Art Zebra: the wall sculpture makes the zebra look vaguely pop-art-esque.

The Rustic Zebra: here, the rug adds a touch of class to the rustic headboard and simple furnishings.

The Mid-century Zebra: an office done up with a classic tulip table

The Masculine Zebra: two clssic chairs (how comfortable does that Eames lounge chair look?), a classic bust and an abstract work of art all add to the masculine appeal of this space

The Beachy Zebra: who knew zebras could be found on the playa? Here's a hotel room designed by Kelly Wearstler with a great, bright, natural feel.

The Formal Dining Zebra: the pretty curved legs on this formal dining table mimic the curves of the zebra rug very prettily.
So there you have it. Apparently the world's most versatile piece of furniture is not a lamp or chair, but actually a zebra rug. Surprise, surprise.

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