Thursday, 10 June 2010

If I could paint my new room...

....I'd go with a warm grey and change my planned color scheme. You may remember, I'm going with something along these lines.....deep purple and grassy green. (Plus, how cute is that inspiration board in the form of a clothespin line?)

I really really like the items I've come up with so far in those colors....but lately I've been running across images that make me want to change my mind. Namely, images in greens and warm greys.

Grassy green and cool grey, with fun prints to liven things up a bit.

Yellowy green and grey with modern prints...

This room gets its visual impact from the great green, white and black Art Deco style rug and pillows that carry the pattern to the couch....grey walls look sharp against the print.

And last but not least, a great, homey bedroom with a modern edge to it. This room combines a lot of different styles--traditional grey plaid blanket, formal grey bench, mid-century chair, modern wall art and sleek headboard, plus that great circular rug. So many good things in one place. Although I don't really like the brown of the chair.

Anyway, grey + green is a color combo I'm loving right now!

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