Saturday, 8 February 2014

Winter/Spring Weekend Wishlist

February brings out the most bipolar reactions in me. Half of me is dancing and singing, "Spring is here! Spring is here!" while the other, more pragmatic side, mutters glumly, "Not for another few months, dummy." This split personality is very much reflected in my current wishlist:

Winter/Spring Weekend Wishlist

Notable Mentions: Winter

  • I want that watch in a bad, bad way. So pretty! So versatile! Goes with everything! For the low low price of...$225.
  • Which brings me to my second point...would you believe me if I told you that the bra, green dress, grey sweater, and leggings could all be had for less than the price of the watch? 'Tis true. You could also buy the black boxgold table, mirror, and decanter  for even less. So although it's such a pretty piece, I'm not sure whether the watch is worth a whole outfit or a bar setup?
  • Since falling in love with my pink sarong trousers from Zara, I've had my eye on the same style in a different color. At $38, this black Asos option seems like a must-buy, right?
  • Thanks to a generous Christmas gift card and a 20% off coupon, these awesome black booties from Lulus are on their way to me! Total cost? $89 instead of $159!
  • I'm obsessssssed with the bottle-green color of these booties!
Notable Mentions: Spring
  • I want those watercolor leggings in the WORST way. So cheery!
  • That green pillow is less than $7!
  • I love the vibrant kelly green of that Bungalow5 dresser; I think the style could be hacked from an Ikea Rast dresser and an Ikea Lack table...for $40 plus paint and hardware.
What's on your wishlist this weekend? Maybe some Hunter wellies to combat all our rainy weather?

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