Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Exciting updates!

Well kids, I've joined Pinterest and while I'm not addicted to it like everyone else in the world appears to be, it is a nice feature to collect all my images in one organized spot. 2 things I really like: 1) Easy to group images according to how I'll use them (kitchen, DIY, food, etc), and 2) When I post from now on I can just use the pinterest board webpage for you to access sources instead of individually posting sources or, more common for me unfortunately, not posting sources at all. If you want, you can follow me here.

My other exciting news is that the bf and I have been working on redesigning/remodeling his kitchen! Last weekend was spent priming and painting all the walls cream, except an accent wall that is black chalkboard! I love it lots. Don't have pictures to show so I'll share some of my inspirations for the final look I'd like to see in his kitchen.

Here are the original inspiration images:

I love the way everything pops against the matte black walls and the way all these rooms look like they have history. Things to incorporate in Vinny's kitchen: black wall (check), wood table, white, a few picture frames, plants, and mixed metals.

He'll be adding wood beams to the ceiling, from which pendant lighting will hang. I like how these two images added corbels to the bottoms of the beams, which are unfortunately really expensive...what to do, what to do

As for lighting, here are a few options I like:

A couple DIY plans are in the works, including an industrial/farm table combo like the one pictured below:

And some floating shelves made of rustic-y barnwood-looking wood:

To which we will add plants and frames with black and white are like so:

I like the big wide white mats on the ones above

Doesn't the wood tone just pop so well against the black?!

These are cool too, with aluminum backing instead of regular mats

All sources, see here: (see, isn't that easier?!)

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  1. Some great inspirational pictures here. Love the light fixtures you picked. Looking forward to see your finished kitchen!