Sunday, 6 November 2011

Etsy your room (2 ways!)

Thought it was time to do another post of rooms furnished entirely by Etsy. Here's my take on a toddler room:

Bed side of the room:

Opposite side of the room:

This is the pillow that sparked the inspiration for this little man room:

Add this wall hanging to tie in the pillow

Can't really tell from the screenshot but the bedspread is beautiful and someone should buy it immediately...only $80!!

Someone also needs to buy this cute little brass lion

And this metal medical cabinet...cute as-is or laquered in a bright color

For a girly livingroom inspired by this pillow:

I'd start with this Floral chair, because really how perfect are they together?! Paint the wood white tho

Add this retro Pink chair for a little sass:

A Brass whale for whimsy and, let's be honest, cuz it's awesome:

Some pretty artwork like this violet painting

And amazing rust photograph:

A funky sideboard

Some glamorous Lucite/ram sconces:

And a few other essentials:

What do you get? Voila! Girly-girl living space!

What are your favorite parts?

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  1. Thank you for including our medical cabinet in your article. Your blog is lovely.