Friday, 10 December 2010

Pretty in Pink

When I was a little girl, I made my mom paint my room pink. Pretty normal, right? No. This wasn't just any pink; it was PEPTO BISMOL pink. And let me tell you, being bathed in diarrhea medicine day in and day out gave me a similar reaction to the color pink for years afterwards.

Finally, though, I'm coming around to embrace the girliness of the color again and have found myself gravitating towards rooms that utilize pink in all its many wondrous forms. I love that, for a very feminine color, it can be dressed up or down to suit the personality of the room's owner. Take a look:

Pink with a punch. This room is still very feminine but the pink is pretty bold and they bring in black and masculine stripes to balance things a bit.

This is pretty much as girl as it gets, as I mentioned in this post.

Pink goes modern and a little moody in this infamous Abigail Ahern room...

Here's pretty much the definition of glam, dressed up nicely in a few different shades of pink.

Pink goes a bit vintage (love the Tord Boontje lamp)

Boho-modern pink

Artsy-craftsy pink

In-your-face, functional pink

And last but not least, Bright Bazaar blog shoes us these chairs in a shocking yet whimsical pink. Yummy.

What do you think of pink? Are you a recent convert like me, or have you always loved/hated the color?

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