Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Design Savvy: Ethnic

After posting on what makes up my design style, I decided to elaborate. In specific posts. Here are my favorite pics to represent my love of Ethnic style.

Washed out boho glam at its finest.

This living room has just enough touches of ethnic to be neutral yet stylish.

Gorgeous Suzani.

John Robshaw. Yummy textiles.

I love me some Moroccan wedding blanket. And that chest. And the bright colors. And the rug.

Awesome table...leather chairs....and pillows. Love this.

Everything here is amazing, but I don't know if I could live here myself...what do you think?

So chic. Each piece is beautiful individually, and they all mix together so well without being overdone.

I know it's probably a bazillion dollars, and all those metal points probably hurt like a bitch....... but.....this is just really really pretty.

If I were the type of girl to go for a neutral bedroom, I'd totally use this as my inspiration pic. Love the mix of tan suzani and grey quasi-trellis textiles.

Looks like a place a really cool college kid who spent her summers travelling abroad would live in...after she brought back all her cool foreign finds, of course.

A bit overmuch, I think...but individually, each of these pieces would be gorgeous spread throughout a home.

Holy inlaid mother of pearl. Those textiles ain't too shabby either.

So that's my best of the best for ethnic inspiration!

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  1. This is great inspiration! I love a little boho style in every room. Thanks for the link to the DIY rug!