Wednesday, 27 October 2010

More lovely living rooms

Judging from my saved images, livingrooms are the rooms that catch my eye the most. I love a nice relaxing bedroom and pretty kitchen as much as the next girl (although honestly, I rarely evoke much excitement over bathrooms), but personally I spend the most of my time in my livingroom. So here are my current favorites:

I love the lived-in feel of this room, as well as the gutsy choice of green couch. With the rest of the furniture and accessories, the green feels much more tame, but if you were to want a switch you could easily amp up the shock factor of that piece.

I love that this room looks airy, clean, and comfy--like you could prop your feet up on the coffee table or flop yourself down on that comfy rug, yet it maintains a nice design aesthetic.

Speaking of flopping--how awesome is this room? Nothing quite matches, and it's better that way. Yummy.

So cheerful/summery/bright, and I love that coffee table and giant tray.

I wouldn't personally be comfortable in this room because I'd be afraid I'd wreck the pretty fabrics, but I loooove how unabashedly feminine it is. This room makes no apologies to the man in this lucky lady's life.

Once again, cheerful and bright. Both this one and the pic two above use a neutral white couch to balance all the poppy colors and artwork.

Oh dear goodness I looooooooooove the inky indigo color of these walls, especially agains the coral and that faaaabulous rug. I need to paint something that blue color PRONTO.

And yet again....I don't know that I'd put this in my house, but this room absolutely reeks of femininity: It's got the gilded mirror, tufted PINK sofa, sequins, lavender rug/wallpaper, AND lucite tables. All you need are flowers and a teapot and you're the worst girly stereotype the best possible way :)

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