Sunday, 30 August 2009

Back in the swing of things

So I haven't posted in a while....I've been a busy busy girl. Just wrapped up studying for/taking the GRE, and as soon as that was done I moved into the new apartment and commenced classes. Whew, senior year I'm sure will fly by but it's already exhausting me. Ochem is not my friend.

Anyway, so with the move into the new place is a new chance for decorating! Yay! Our aparmtent has lots of big big BIG white walls and, of course, white they must stay. The scale of the walls makes decorating difficult, as none of us broke college ladies can afford large-scale artwork that the space calls for. So we're trying to make do and find other solutions. Here are some pics I've used for inspiration:

Since we have no money for one big piece of art, we settled for a collage look of a combination of posters and artwork that we have all collected through the years, like the one above and below:

To bring more color into our otherwise-hospital-white apartment, we have a giant pile of pretty patterned pillows...

And a project in the works: Making giant colorful balls to hang from the ceiling made of a collection of paper-tissue flowers glued to styrofoam balls.
It's not exactly House Beautiful, but it's at least College Beautiful :)

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