Tuesday, 2 December 2014

December 2014 capsule wardrobe

Because I'll be moving to a totally new climate in January, I've decided to split my winter capsule into December-only and then January/February. This is also a good plan for me because my December has some crazy stuff going on that will affect my wardrobe selection.

In December, I will be:
  • visiting Portland again to go apartment-hunting (coldish, wet climate)
  • visiting Minnesota to attend my cousin's wedding (freezing climate, fancy outfit)
  • finishing up the last days at my current job (cold, desert climate, business casual apparel)
  • having hip surgery on the other hip (cold/desert climate but mostly getting cozy inside other than going to the gym for physical therapy)
Phew! Lots to pack into one capsule, but fortunately it's only designed for 31 days worth of outfits :)

To create this capsule, I followed the same process as my last capsule: 
  1. Create a Pinterest board of outfits I want to be able to create during the month
  2. List out all the items that make up those outfits (example: jean jacket, stripe shirt, infinity scarf, black pants, booties)
  3. Create a master list with no repeated items: this is now the list I use to pull items from my closet 
  4. Since my master list doesn't total 37 items, I add items I already own that will work well with everything else on the list
  5. As needed: go shopping for any items on my list that I don't already own!

December 2014 capsule wardrobe

My list: 
  1. solid-colored sweater
  2. drapey printed cardigan
  3. chambray top
  4. chunky long cardigan
  5. cropped solid-color sweater
  6. black tank
  7. striped tank top
  8. grey tank
  9. graphic tee
  10. silk short sleeve
  11. silky long sleeve
  12. black thermal long sleeve
  13. stripe tunic
  14. white moto jacket
  15. black blazer
  1. black pants
  2. black flowy skirt
  3. jeans
  4. black leggings
  5. grey leggings
  6. grey pencil skirt
  7. striped skirt
  8. solid-color dress
  9. glitzy dress for wedding
  10. little black dress 
  11. maxi dress
  1. white chucks
  2. black boots
  3. black flats
  4. black heels
Since it's only a month-long capsule, I actually limited myself to 30 items, which also helped me avoid having a big shopping list.

Here are a few of the outfits I'm planning to wear from this capsule. The first ten are outfits for my last couple of weeks at work, where the dress code is business casual:

December Capsule Work Outfits

These next ten are for when I'm laid up recovering from hip surgery (or, you know, most evenings/weekends even when I'm not--I dress pretty casual and love my leggings!)

Leisure outfits

I really want that "Beyonce wasn't built in a day" shirt....Have a great day, everyone!

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