Sunday, 1 December 2013

This is how my brain works: DIY's I have yet to DIY

One of my more popular Pinterest boards is my DIY board, where I pin all the projects that I have grand plans to complete but never actually will. Many of the projects link to the DIY itself--projects that talented people have completed and for which instructions are available.

Other pins look more like this:

...with a random caption like "acrylic rods and pipe parts"....which serve only to remind me of the DIY I have cooking in my brain. Since there's no telling when or if I'll ever get around to these projects, I thought I'd outline why those seemingly random items are pinned and how I'd go about completing them, in case anyone out there is more ambitious than I. As always, clicking on the image will take you to the Polyvore board with all of the image credits and links.

First up, the candlestick I'd DIY from the above inspiration image:

DIY Acrylic candlestick

Caitlin from Sacramento Street posted the above lovely tabletop. The candlesticks reminded me of the Skona Hem DIY pictured, which I've adapted a bit. I'd use acrylic rods and copper tubing to create a fun candelabra!

Next, I pinned the below image from Houzz of an interesting chandelier:
DIY Necklace Chandelier

DIY Necklace Chandelier by mjchirpich-1 featuring round shades

I'd use a basic lighting kit, a bunch of necklaces from either a store like Forever 21 or thrift stores. I'd hang the necklaces from either a couple of embroidery hoops, or buy a couple cheap lampshades, strip the metal frame, and use those. Lastly, add a pretty Edison lightbulb to finish the job.

Last up, here's a lamp that was formerly sold at Anthropologie, I believe for multiple hundreds of dollars. I'd hack my own this way:

DIY Wood Log Lamp

The Ikea lamp base unscrews, so you can detach the large head from the stick itself. I'd drill a hole through a log (use either a long adapter, or make a shorter lamp--your average drill bit won't make it length-ways through the log otherwise). Spray paint the lamp gold, if so inclined, and slip it over the stick of the lamp base. Screw the whole thing together and add a light bulb!

This skinny lamp base lends itself well to all kinds of DIYs actually. I want to track down some large wooden beads and stack them on the base. What other projects could you create with this base?

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