Wednesday, 13 November 2013

3 Room Designs for Val

My good friend Val is contemplating a redo of her living room, and being born and raised in Texas, she fell in love with this longhorns print from Society 6 artist Christina Shaffell:

I love that the print references her roots in a modern way, without screaming "Texas cowgirl".  Although the overpowering color is obviously that beautiful jade green, the skull also has lots of other fun colors to work with--purples, rust, orange, pinks--and I decided to take a stab at what her future living room may turn into. Val is looking for a table similar to the ones shown--metal base with a wood top--and wants a light-colored sofa. Here's what I came up with:  

3 Room Designs for Val

3 Room Designs for Val by mjchirpich-1 featuring velvet furniture

Val's favorite of the three looks is the one on the far left, so I pulled a few more options based on that:

Other options

The green of the print is so strong, it's nice to take that same color and tone it down a bit, while staying in the same color family. I like the mint options shown and think they're really fun against the raspberries and roses of the other options shown! And of course, I'm in love with that Wearstler pillow and think it's a fun match for this print.

Which is your favorite? How would you design a room around this print?

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