Friday, 16 November 2012

Art to Room: Michelle Armas and Bijou and Boheme

Normally I'm very anti "_________ to Room" posts. But this one just fell into my lap over the last two days and I can't stop myself from posting it.

My love for Michelle Armas' beautiful art is long-documented (I even made a post about what I'd ask for if I commissioned a painting from her, back in grad school when I was considering doing just that then remembered I was--duh--a broke-ass grad student with zero expendable funds...wha-whaaaaa). I'm also very pleased that she reads my blog and love reading about her house projects, musings on life, and recent work on her blog.

I'm also a big fan of Christine from Bijou and Boheme's work. It's often much more feminine than how I live so it's fun to feast my little eyeballs on some girly loveliness (example: see her daughter's new bedroom with my favorite oh Joy wallpaper--LOVE).

So when Michelle posted on some new paintings the other day (all of which I am would do bad things to own, naturally) and Christine posted a mood board yesterday, it was fate. Enjoy!

The amazing Shari painting by Michelle Armas:

The equally-lovely moodboard by Christine of Bijou and Boheme:

And the side-by-side:

I mean seriously. Don't they just belong together? I see the painting over the sofa, across the room from the mirror so you get double-doses of painting loveliness via the reflection in the mirror. Mmmmmm.....

What I love about both of these creative works is that they combine colors that I would NEVER think to put together. The unexpected combinations make your brain work extra hard to comprehend and thus take more interest (that's my scientific analysis of each work... :)  I can't even handle how much I'd love to make this post a reality in my home!!  Good work, ladies!

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