Sunday, 11 March 2012

Style Chameleon: Green Sofa as a neutral

I have a passionate love for green sofas, particularly of the velvety variety. It all started innocently enough, with this beauty:

(although, lets be honest, I'm cheating on the sofa with those amaaaaazing windows)

Quickly my love affair evolved to include this:

And this:

And this:

And this little lady (scandalous!)

And her colorful cousin:

So today I'm here to prove that, unlike you may think, a green sofa can actually be a very versatile piece and indeed, a Style Chameleon.

Miss Green Sofa can go Art Deco:

I've always been a fan of this peacock mirror, but I like the humor of the comic (below):

A bit modern and sculptural:


Neutral glam:

Which is your favorite? I love the side tables of the neutral one (and I want a metallic hide bad), the pickup sticks chandelier of the first one, and the fuchsia table of the artsy one. First step, though: Grassy green sofa!

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