Saturday, 10 March 2012

Consignment Around Salt Lake City

Today was a beautiful day in SLC, so I took advantage of the day to go for a run and stop by a few local consignment shops. Here are some of the goodies I ran across while out:

This pretty lady greeted me at Secondhand Chic....needs a little work but it was only $30!

Pretty potted succulents...the photo doesn't give the scale at all, the biggest one was about a foot and a half square. $35 for the first picture, $45 for the second

Cast iron sewing table, $50. Still trying to convince my boyfriend to buy this.

(sorry for the terrible shots, it was hidden behind a bunch of things)

Japanese Drum Table, $50 including the glass top. Was a bit damaged but this would also look awesome in my boyfriend's house

"Be your own kind of beautiful." A nice women's clothing boutique should paint this on the wall by the dressing rooms...

This isn't actually bamboo but it looks so cute! $50, another item I'm selling my boyfriend on.

This old Navy welding box would be so cute with wood legs as a bedside table...$20

Clamp-on metal lamp, $18.

At Haight and Ashbury: I loved this hutch despite the chickenwire. Would be pretty with glass fronts to show off pretty shoes.

The third store I went to had the thing I'm most wanting....this blood orange dining table, $150. It's hard to see but the deco-ish detailing is begging for some paint highlighting its best features. At 44" round it's the perfect size for my boyfriend's smallish kitchen.

So what did I come away with? At Secondhand Chic, I found the "Tea" "Coffee" "Flour" tins to match the "Sugar" tin I bought from the same place months ago. $18 for all 3.

And my favorite, a giant (2-foot) brass lamp from Haight and Ashbury. For $25!

I like the texture.

I'm thinking for the shade, cream tube-shaped (I don't know what it's called, like a tin can-shaped?) shade with black trimming on top and bottom. I'm a little in love.

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