Thursday, 30 November 2017

Christmas Wishlist: for your Athletic Friend

Well if all the cool kids are doing's my take on the ever-present blogger Christmas wishlist! I've been slacking on exercising of late due to traveling a lot for work, moving into a new house, and most recently being sick, so I have exercise on the brain. I'm kicking things off with a wishlist for your active friend!

Christmas Gift List: For the Active Friend


  • Jacket: This jacket has crazy reflective properties! Perfect for throwing over a puff jacket in the winter, nobody will miss seeing you on your bike commute!
  • Light set: I have this set and can personally attest that they're crazy-bright. They have different settings, like blinking or solid light and various brightnesses. 
  • Helmet: I also have this helmet and get compliments all the time! Super comfortable and relatively stylish as far as helmets go.
  • Tires: For the daily bike commuter, Gatorskins are a must-have--they're like armor for your bike tubes so you don't get flats so often!
  • National Parks Pass: Gets you in to all national parks without having to pay daily fees--a must for every camping enthusiast!
  • Jet Boil: Perfect for overnight camping trips, this lightweight stove boils water quickly to purify it, plus it's the right size for coffee, tea, and freeze-dried camping meals.
  • Camelbak bladder: You can add this to any backpack (most hiking packs are designed to accommodate the tube and I find that I drink a lot more water when it's readily available through the tube rather than having to stop to get your bottle out of your pack.
  • Thermarest: I was skeptical about the cost of this mat, but it was a game-changer once I caved. Keeps me so much more comfortable but most importantly, it's much warmer than sleeping on the ground!
  • Tank: I personally hate built-in bra tops so these Athleta Chi tanks are my favorites for working out because they are so simple and lightweight. They used to come in fun colors, so I'd try eBay if black isn't your jam!
  • Leggings: I recently bought these black high-waist leggings from Senita (a woman-owned, eco-friendly USA company) and basically haven't taken them off since. They're suuuuuper comfortable, although I've been sick so I haven't tried working out in them yet.  The cute black succulent print leggings are on my own wishlist--would you believe they're only $37?!

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