Monday, 22 May 2017

Quick Design: Ethical Spring Outfits!

Warm weather has finally hit Portland! It's been a long slog of a winter and I'm very happy to see the sun again! In celebration of our next week's weather forecast, I put together a few outfits using items sourced from companies that employ ethical production practices of one kind or another.

Ethical Spring Outfits

Outfit 1:
Skirt: Kopal NY: This company uses natural dyes in their production, partnering with socially responsible groups in India to build sustainable work and keep Indian textile traditions alive. 

Jacket: DL1961: made in the USA, DL1961 has found ways to reduce their water, dye, and energy use in manufacturing; they also focus on eco-friendly textiles like Tencel and ProModal.

White shirt: Fair Indigo: Fair trade company using Oeko-Tex certified dyes (regulates how chemicals can be used) and organic cotton (less chemicals = better for the earth/workers)          

Sandals: Nisolo: This company focuses on transparency, sustainability, and fair trade work by using leathers only as a by-product of the meat industry, providing above-average wages and healthcare to its workers in Peru, and publishing an impact report of their practices. I bought these to possibly wear in my upcoming wedding!

Outfit 2:
Tee: Calder Blake: Each piece from this small company is created start-to-finish (design, manufacturing, shipping) in California, with an emphasis on timeless, well-made designs that last the test of time
Skirt: Conrado: This company sources its material from deadstock (leftover fabric from other stores' clothing) and produces their items in a small family-run company.

Shoes: Veja: Widely touted as a gold standard in ethical fashion, Veja has transparent supply chain and fair trade practices, encourages eco-friendly farming practices, provides incentive for suppliers to NOT deforest their land, and uses eco-friendly materials.

Outfit 3:
Shoes: Matt + Nat: This vegan company not only avoids animal products, they incorporate recycled materials such as plastic bottles and bike tires in their products and supply their workers with a safe working environment and fair wages.

Pants: Matter: I recently listened to an interesting podcast from the owners of Matter, in which they described how they look at traditional textiles like Ikat and interpret them in a modern way. They focus on slow fashion and quality materials.

Crop Top: Groceries Apparel: This company's products are made in LA with non-toxic dyes. They have a great page explaining their product sources and focus on eliminating waste and reducing their carbon footprint.

Outfit 4:
"Love over Fear" tank: Siempre Viva: This company partners with workers in Mexico, providing business mentoring to women whose businesses then create the products for the line. They source natural, organic fibers and donate to charities. Plus, in the current political climate I think "love over fear" is a great message to send!

Shorts: DL1961: per above, better manufacturing practices = reduced environmental impact

Sandals: Frye: Made in the USA, Frye is well-known for their quality leather that can take a beating and look all the better for it.

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