Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Little red dress, four ways

Summer has been flying by lately, and I've been enjoying my time outdoors! I have lots more planned for the season, so time can slow on down anytime now, amiright?

Several of my plans include celebrating the nuptials of very good friends, so I spent the last couple of weeks on the hunt for a dress to wear to various wedding-related events. I finally found this little red dress at Anthropologie (which also comes in lavender; similar but shorter look for less here) and immediately concocted several ways to style it.

First up, I'm planning to wear the dress to my best friend's bachelorette party in Charleston, SC. Strappy gold heels and delicate ribboned jewelry are a must, obviously:

Charleston Bachelorette Party

Next, I'm in a wedding in Nashville. Obviously I'll be wearing a bridesmaid dress in the wedding, but she's having her rehearsal dinner at a BBQ joint so I can style the dress a little more casually:

Nashville Rehearsal Dinner BBQ

Last but not least, my boyfriend's buddy is getting married this fall at a ski resort in Vermont. Temps will be a little cooler, which gives me the opportunity to toughen the dress up a bit with a leather jacket and badass jewelry:

Vermont Ski Chalet Wedding


Then, when all the fun is over, the dress will make its way into my work wardrobe, like so:

Work dress

How would you style this dress? Is a LRD the new LBD?

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