Monday, 16 February 2015

New apartment intro tour!

Vinny and I have officially been in our new apartment for a month, so I thought it was about time to show you how things are shaking out so far decor-wise. We have a fairly long to-do list (which translates to a fairly long shopping list), but we are taking our time and tackling the list one by one. 

Today I took some shots of our bathroom, living room, dining area, and kitchen. The only areas not really shown today are the entryway and the bedroom, but those areas are still in need of a little crap-ton of TLC ;)


There's a nice amount of storage in here, and opposite of the toilet/sink area above are the full tub/shower and the washer/dryer. 

I was able to use a couple of my favorite prints from Girl and Parrot on Etsy (here and here)

My Jonathan Adler mohawk match strike makes me smile every time :)

Like in my last home, I used these Claire Elsaesser prints over the toilet. 

Bathroom To-Do List:

  • Get a shower curtain
  • Get a little stool for next to the tub, all stocked up with bath salts and oils :)

Living Area:

Since it's a small living area, we furnished it really simply, although we'd like to add a comfy chair and a larger coffee table eventually. Photobomb credits: My puppy, Charli :)

Opposite the sofa we have our TV and a couple Ikea Vittsjo bookshelves. 

I've been having fun styling the shelves with our favorite books, prints, and plants.

Living Room To-Do List:

  • Replace lamp shades on end table lamps
  • Add 2 other pieces of artwork to the wall between the TV and sofa (I have the art, I just need to pick up 2 more Ikea frames)
  • Potentially add a wood bench with pillows under the artwork
  • Add a wood console under the TV
  • Get a larger coffee table
  • Swap out the pillows (I'm waiting on some new feather inserts I ordered)
  • Add a cozy wool rug under the sofa
  • Repot the plants on the shelves
  • Add hanging plants to the right-hand corner of the sofa
  • Potentially add an easy chair


Our kitchen is just one long workspace, which took some getting used to. At the right-hand side of the photo you can see the table in our little dining nook.

My brother made those striped wood cutting boards! #talented

The hardest-working area of our kitchen, the coffee bar ;)

Kitchen To-Do List:
  • Add a long runner or 2 2x3 rugs in front of the sink and stove
  • Get a more colorful tea towel to hang on the stove handle
  • Style the shelf over the sink better, potentially adding a clock

Dining Area:

Not much to see here--and apologies for the dark shot, blogger wouldn't let me upload the lightened-up version :-/ Our 'dining table' is actually a campaign desk from World Market, but it fits perfectly in the space.

Dining Area To-Do List: 
  • Add placements (on order)
  • Buy new dining chairs
  • Potentially trim the drapes in something more colorful, or add a pelmet?

Overall I like where things are headed, but looking at these photos makes me more aware of how grey everything is. It would be nice to add in a little more color or texture to liven things up a bit, although I'd like the overall vibe to be fairly calm and cozy. 

What do you think? Any suggestions? Oh, and because I couldn't not post are a couple bonus shots of my fur-baby :)

Isn't she the cutest?!


  1. Wow! Seems like you hit the jackpot in scoring that apartment. I love how modern and minimalistic it looks, but I agree that you should probably put a bit of color into it, just to make it look more welcoming and friendly. In any case, keep us posted with what you're gonna do with it, Meghan! Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

    Lois Becker @ Finlay Brewer

    1. Hi Lois! Thanks for stopping by, and for the tips! We've made a lot of progress, so I'll be posting some updates soon :) Have a great day!

  2. My wife and I just moved into a new place, and getting everything just right seems takes a lot of time. We have been shopping through thrift stores, yard sales and even flea markets for pictures and rugs. We held on to a lot of our old accessories and prints, but many of them aren't quite right for our new place.

    Ronnie Hogan @ Sycamore Terrace Temecula