Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Lovely home tour you need to see

Hey friends, remember that time that I talked about how I'm obsessed with Gaby Burger's fashion sense? And in fact designed a capsule wardrobe around said fashion inspiration? Well it was my lucky day today, because I learned that Gaby's interior design skills are equally inspiring, as her home was featured on Glitter Guide yesterday.

Here are a few of my favorite bits:
She DIY'd that spotted wall!

Love the mix of textures (capiz, wood, wool, fur) within a largely neutral palette

I want her outfit and all those pillows.

Lovely pattern mixing. I'm now on the hunt for small spotted pillows.

How pretty is her vanity in matching acrylic boxes? The Container Store is a great source for those, btw.

I spot my favorite Bauble Bar necklace (top left) plus sooo many other pretties!

It's always interesting to see how personal style translates into a person's home decor. For example, her home's palette, much like her wardrobe, is largely neutral with carefully selected bursts of color. She mixes patterns equally well in home and closet and tops everything off with a bit of sparkle, whether that's with a rhinestone necklace or a gorgeous capiz chandelier. 

To get a similar look yourself, try a little something like this: 

Get the Look: Glitter Guide
(Click the image to go to product links)

For the source of all of these photos, and more where that came from, please go check out the rest of the tour!

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