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New apartment moodboards!

I recently showed you photos of the new apartment we're considering moving into in November or December. Although we haven't signed a lease yet, I've started brainstorming how I'd like our apartment to look. We are downsizing pretty significantly (the new apartment has less than half our current square footage), so we have a lot of furniture, art, and textiles to pick from at our existing house. Our goal is to create a fresh space and design by reimagining our existing pieces and adding small details to update our current belongings.

Here's the floorplan:

It's on the smaller side; the actual apartment is 664 square feet. But it's laid out nicely, as you'll see from the model apartment photos below:

Entryway new apartment

Entryway Thought Process:
  • The entryway will be the easiest area to decorate, since we'll basically just install the setup we already have (the picture on the right). 
  • My boyfriend wants to get rid of the large Snowbird print, though, so maybe I can convince him to replace it with a fun, beautiful mirror :)
  • It could be fun to add some temporary wallpaper to this entry wall, or maybe hang a large textile behind the mirror (like this).
Kitchen/dining new apt

Kitchen Thought Process:
  • Our current kitchen counters are constantly covered in clutter (say that ten times fast!). For our next kitchen, I'm imagining a pristine, clean, clutter-free space, very simply decorated. 
  • We're debating whether we want a dining set in this apartment at all--we may just go with counter-height stools on the ledge behind the sink and set up a desk/office area in place of a dining table.
  • Accents will be in metal tones, black, and grey. 
  • To save space in the kitchen drawers I'd like to display our silverware in a zinc caddy on a tray. This will make it easy to clear out the dishwasher and to grab utensils from the dining room side of the apartment. Where the little drinks tray is in the apartment image above, I'd organize the caddy, salt and pepper shakers, and a plant. 
  • My mom gifted me the candle holder shown above, and I'd like to put it where the funny little clock is on the model apartment image.
  • I have a grey runner similar to the one shown above, which I think would look nice in the kitchen in front of the sink. 

Dining area

Dining Area Thought Process:
  • If we do end up getting a dining set, I'm thinking these simple white and wood chairs from Ikea (or a lookalike, since I've heard that the backs splinter on these?) would pair nicely with a Craigslisted wood pedestal table. I could add our existing art shelves (shown in the pic above the dining table) on the wall where the mirror is in the model home. 
  • Alternatively, we could do a settee against the wall flanked by our Ikea bookcases, with a pedestal table and a couple of chairs. This arrangement would provide more seating than the other, plus it could function as a makeshift office. It would be fun to do the settee in a funky print, like the Himalaya Porcelain option here!
  • On the wall opposite, I'd get a small console table, add a lamp, and put this fun wine rack over it.

new apt ideas

Living Room Thought Process:
  • I tend to get design ADD, so I designed this area with the intention of being able to make major changes to the look of the room without breaking the bank each time the mood strikes. With that in mind, I've kept the major pieces neutral (allowing art and textiles to dictate the color palette) and sized so that multiple layouts are an option. Next time I want to change up the look, I can just swap out pillows and art prints and move some furniture around for a fresh design. The best part?The only things we'd need to purchase if we stuck to this moodboard would be a dresser for under the TV and a second side table. 
  • Since the kitchen, dining, and living areas are all one, I'd like to keep a cohesive color palette throughout to allow the eye to travel throughout the space seamlessly.
  • We both like to lay down when we're watching TV, so ultimately I'd love to get a sectional. Unfortunately it's not in the budget right now, so instead we have a big soft ottoman to rest our feet on. We'd recover our current ottoman with an indigo batik fabric to mimic the ottoman shown here and stack a tray with the essentials (TV remotes, plant, skull in cloche, naturally) on top of it. 
  • If we don't use the bookcases in the dining area, we could use them to flank the TV (*fingers crossed that it will all fit on the short wall between the patio and bedroom doors*) to store our books, TV gear (Xbox, etc), and other bits and pieces. 
  • If the bookcases don't fit on that wall, I could also use them on either side of the sofa and install a skinny console table with lamps behind the sofa (since lighting wouldn't fit/shed light from underneath the bookshelves). Then around the TV I'd install a gallery wall all the way to the floor. 
  • A third option would be to put the TV on the wall where the model home has a sectional and flank the TV with the bookcases. Then, put the armchair on the short wall between the doors and push the sofa up against the window wall (the back of the sofa is low, so it wouldn't block light from the window). Not sure I love that idea, but it's nice to have options!

Bedroom new apt

Bedroom thought process:
  • Eventually I'd like to go a little more bohemian in this space (more pattern mixing, less stripes). However, our decorating budget immediately post-move in is going to be limited, so I plan to use mostly things we have, add a few necessities, and replace things down the road as our wallets fill up again :)
  • We desperately need a new duvet cover, and I love that the navy West Elm one above is intentionally wrinkled--when you have a puppy, that look is inevitable anyway :)
  • I don't think the space between the end of the bed and the wall is deep enough for a dresser, so as an alternative I may get an Ikea Kallax (their new Expedit) and fill it with bins that will contain socks, bras, underwear, swimwear, pajamas, etc.
  • Another option would be to get small dressers in place of our existing white bedside tables (pictured) to store all those smaller items.
  • It would be fun to add a feature wall behind the bed with removable wallpaper. 
  • We're thinking of DIY-ing a wooden or upholstered headboard. Stay tuned!

New apt bathroom moodboard

Bathroom Thought Process: 
  • We'd add a simple shower curtain and a bath mat that coordinates with the prints, then DIY the Ikea Tarva dresser with sooty black paint and gold knobs. 
  • I really like the Claire Elsaesser prints we already have in our bathroom (the green and black ones shown here), and I also own the print of the woman floating in water, which I'd hang over the dresser.
  • On the wall between the door and vanity (not shown here), I'll add "V & M" hooks for our two bath towels and the hand towel. I don't own much jewelry, so a simple stand like the one shown is all I'd need. The dresser would contain spare sheets and towels, cleaning supplies, etc.
    • EDIT 8/7/14: I checked out those Anthro hooks in person today and they're much smaller and less beautiful than they looked online. I'd recommend seeing them yourself before purchasing!
  • The space between the toilet and vanity may need to house our laundry bin, as I don't think there's room in the bedroom for it.
Overall, here's what we're looking at for new purchases (general ideas only, not necessarily the specific items I'll end up with):

New apartment, new purchases

And here are a few furniture floorplans I've been kicking around (yes, I am a bit obsessive on the topic...haha):

Living room floorplan ideas

Living room floorplan ideas

Living room floorplan ideas

Here's the side-to-side comparison:

Living room floorplan ideas            Living room floorplan ideas          Living room floorplan ideas

Which furniture arrangement do you like best? Any alternative arrangements or design tweaks you think would be better?

I'm sure this will all change a billion times before we move anyway, but it's fun to dream :)

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